I am an obsessive compulsive reader and I am addicted to books. People smoke incessantly, drink excessively and feel jittery without weed but, I suffer from withdrawal symptoms without anything to read. Be it a book, magazine, an advertisement on a wall, or even the back of someone’s newspaper on the tube, I’ll read it.

After all that reading for 20 something years, I’ve decided to review books seriously. I have reviewed in the past, but mostly on Amazon and occasionally  for publishers. I’ve recently come across a blog tour, Book R3vi3w Tours and decided to become a tour host. I think it was a promising start to my book reviewing days.

I read print books as well as e-books

Books I love reading and would like to review:

Fiction (I read serious fiction too)

Fantasy (YA, children, adults)

Sci Fi

Mystery, crime, whodunits and thrillers

Children’s Fiction and Non-fiction (all ages)

Young Adults

Non-fiction (Travel, Food, Home and Lifestyle)

If you want your books reviewed please contact me here:

Email: amrita86(dot)dasgupta(at)gmail(dot)com

Twitter: @Amrita86

Read more about me at Drifting Traveller

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