Dragons in my air space #atozchallenge

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth (1908) Stories of Beowulf

Marshall, Henrietta Elizabeth (1908) Stories of Beowulf

If there was one creature I would want to bring to life from the realms of fantasy. It would be  the dragons. Although, I still have to figure out which version of dragons. The mute and savage beasts from the Harry Potter series (Author: J. K. Rowling), or, the beautiful and intelligent dragons from Eragon  (Author: Christopher Paolini). There are others like the Dragons of Dragon Rider (Author Cornelia Funke) and How To Train Your Dragon (Cressida Cowell).

I think I’d choose the intelligent dragons from Eragon. We as human beings don’t value our humanity enough, or, give it too much importance. Another intelligent species on earth would give us some competition and stop us from becoming monsters.

Mind reading Dragons will be so much better and prettier than Aliens don’t you think?

Dragons on my shelves

1. Eragon series (The Inheritance cycle)

2. Harry Potter series

3. Dragon Rider

4. How to Train your Dragon

6 thoughts on “Dragons in my air space #atozchallenge

  1. Jorie

    Hallo, Hallo Amrita!

    Dragons, eh!? Hmm,… we share a mutual love of DRAGONs and today is the Letter ‘D’. Hmm,… speaking of “How to Train Your Dragon” did you know there is going to be a sequel? I truly *loved!* this film and was thrilled to bits I could see it in the theater at the time of the release! I loved how the Viking were portrayed & of course, the dragons were especially awesome! Midnight actually is a cheeky double for my little tux of a cat! I think you could say the personalities of dragons mirror certain felines!

    Oh, my yes! I would take the intelligent dragon over the savage any day of the week myself! I thought the ones in Harry Potter were the brutes of the species as well! Have you stumbled across Jackie Gamber’s world of Leland Province yet!? I had the honour to read her trilogy whilst my blog has been alive! I highly recommend her books & I am oft tweeting about them because they breathe humanity into the core & heart of their story-lines! Her dragons set the precedent for me, as although I have had Eragon on my shelf I never had the pleasure of reading the book! Thank you for confirming that Eragon is going to be a book I will enjoy as the dragons are the kinds in which I favour!

    Book 1: Redheart

    Book 2: Sela

    Book 3: Reclamation

    You’ll be happy to root around and find two Interviews between Ms. Gamber & I as well! 🙂 And, for now this is all I can say but you’ll understand lateron today! 🙂 Cheekily I nod adieu!


      1. Jorie

        Wicked sweet, Amrita!!

        If you do, you’ll have to drop back and let me know your impressions! I still cannot get the heart of the Leland Province out of my subconscience! I am hopeful the story will continue even though the author reflected that this is the end. You’ll have to let me know how you felt after you read Reclamation!


    1. Jorie

      I wrote about dragons for Letter D, too! 🙂 And, telepathic dragons are quite stellar! I think I had forgotten to mention that ability during my reviews of the Leland Dragons series! Laughs. I was so excited for the series overall & was so into the world, that I think I left out a few details like the telepathy and the shapeshifting hawk I loved in Reclamation!



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