The Fifteenth Member #atozchallenge by K.M.

There lived a family with twenty-six members. Suddenly, a member went missing. And just when it was her day. Just when the rest planned giving her special care and maybe even a treat, she was apparently mislaid, misplaced, absent, vanished. “Where can she be?” asked the rest. “We need her badly, desperately, urgently. She’s crucial, essential, indispensable, irreplaceable.”
It was then that the missing member answered, still hiding, “Well, managing fine in my absence, it seems.”
“She’s such a child,” the rest whispered. “All she wants is we take extra interest in her. But then, that is what we’ve been planning all this time.”
They were in despair. Persuading the petulant seemed a difficult task. Then it struck a member: “Why, we have been managing despite her absence, indeed. Think, search, seek, hunt. All these lines, and where is she? Where is O?
And just as the last word was uttered, she came out of her hiding – smiling – the One and Only O.

By K.M.


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